Faith formation for children is about developing relationships with one another, caring adults, and with God. Children experience a variety of ways to engage in scripture and in faith development that are a part of serving, loving, and living daily life as a Christian.

Central Place: Children are welcomed and encourage in al aspects of Christian life-fellowship, worship, learning, and serving. Each week there is a children’s word time with a Pastor or other caring adult . Children are invited and encouraged to participate in worship leadership and through our Together in Faith ministry and music ministries children do participate regularly.

Staying  Connected: We send out email newsletters on a weekly basis specific to Children, Youth, and Family Ministry.

Sunday School: (Preschool-5th Grade) Children engage in age and developmentally appropriate activities and learning experiences. Spark! curriculum is used for preschool and Rotation Spark! is used for the -5th graders. Middle School students participate in a class together that ties into their confirmation and High Schoolers meet together as well in the youth room.

Baptismal Preparation: We begin our journey with God in baptism! We know that faith formation begins and is primarily taught in the home. We offer a variety of ways to prepare for baptism and we offer support, encouragement, and equipping resources for parents and sponsors. We provide fellowship and learning opportunities for parents and young families through the year. Contact Pastor Leta Behrens or Pastor Michael Stadtmueller for more information.

Together in Faith: We continue to equip and encourage faith development in the home through the elementary and confirmation years of a child’s life. We offer parent-child learning opportunities at each grade level Preschool-Confirmation (8th grade). Click the link for more information.

Communion Instruction: We believe that all are welcome to the table, even the little ones! When to start taking communion is primarily a parent decision for their child. We suggest that by 3rd grade a child is receiving communion. We offer communion instruction as a class in the 3rd grade and we are willing to meet with children and parents together as well. Children are welcome to commune before they have instruction. You can click the link for more information or if you have any questions please contact Pastor Leta Behrens or Pastor Michael Stadtmueller.